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Privacy Policy

Act on the Protection of Personal Information

THECOO Inc. (referred to as "our company" from here onwards), recognizes the importance of securing personal information, and will take special care and effort to secure the personal information of all individuals and businesses (referred to as "users" from here onwards) that will be using iCON CAST (referred to as "this service" from here onwards) in accordance to the privacy policy set by our company.

1. Personal Information

According to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, "Personal Information" refers to information that may identify an individual such as name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, bank account number (also includes information that can hint or identify an individual when combined with other information). In this service, personal information will only be collected by our company once a user agrees with our contract.

2.Acquiring and usage of personal information

In this service, there may be a case where it will be required to enter personal information in order to use the service. Our company while taking the greatest means of data security will use the personal information for the following objectives.

  1. For the management and operation of this service
  2. For users to make necessary contact in order to use the service
  3. For operation procedures and data collection of this service that require data that will not threaten personal information
  4. For preparing and maintaining a safe environment for all users
  5. For preparing surveys for improving credibility of the service
  6. For analyzing user types and the usage of information (after modified so that it will not be an indicator of personal information) to initialize a new service or operate and execute a task
  7. For sending products and services related with this service and customizing advertisement delivery methods based on users age, occupation, gender and interests
  8. For using information that has been placed on SNS (only if the user agrees to link the service with SNS or other outside services) for this service
  9. For responding to inquiries made by users
  10. For not allowing users to violate or take advantage of the Terms of Use
  11. Others, objectives earned due to agreement of user
  12. Other uses allowed on the ACT on the Protection of Personal Information

If there is any other way in which our company uses personal information, it will be notified to user in advance

3.Sharing or presenting personal information to a third party

Our company will only share or present a personal information of a user under the following conditions

  1. If an agreement from the user, legal representative or guardian has been made
  2. If a user applies for a project using this service and the client or our company requires personal information in order to prepare for the commision and consigned project
  3. If a users life, health or wealth is at risk and protection is judged to be important
  4. If protection of public profit or release of personal information based on a third parties Restriction of the Excercise of Authority is required
  5. If our company commissions all or part of necessary tasks for this service to third parties.
  6. If our company needs to share statistical data with our business tie-up
  7. If this service requires the release of personal information for third parties and their benefit to an extent where the users benefits are not hindered.
  8. If offer is based on the instruction of the court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, government agency or if you have received a formal query based on the laws and regulations that define the investigation authority, from government agencies such as the police, or based on the Provider Liability Limitation Law and other laws and regulations, or when accompanied to offer based on the laws and regulations of attorney Act Article 23 (requirement sufficiency provided in laws and regulations shall be judged by our company)
  9. If the user is a minor, and if there is a request for disclosure from the parental authority or legal representative, or if the user is a ward and a request of disclosure from an adult guardian is made.
  10. If a user agrees to link the service with SNS, and the need to provide information to outside services is present.
  11. If our company transfers this service’s business to a third party (includes company split and other cases of business transfer).
  12. If in addition to the preceding items, it is recognized by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations

4. The acquisition and use of attribute information and behavioral history that does not identify an individual

Our company will use Cookie in order to protect user privacy, improve covenience, advertisement delivery and acquire statistical data. Our company will also be using Cookie or JavaScript technology in order to acquire data that cannot identify an individual, such as age, gender, occupation, area (only uses data that cannot identify an individual when combined) and data related to a user’s activity history within the website (URL accessed, contents, reference, etc.). However, personal information will not be included in the Cookie or activity history.

5. Disclosure, correction and suspension of Personal Information

Our company will respond appropriately if asked to disclose, correct, suspend or delete personal information from a user.

6. Exemptions

Our company will have no obligation and duty in regards to the acquisition of personal information by third parties if classified as the following conditions.

  1. If the user themselves reveals personal information either by using this service or by another method
  2. If the identity has been revealed by the information entered in this service

7. Revision of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised fully or partly without agreement from the users and if a user uses this service after these changes it will be assumed that the user has agreed to these revisions. However, if major changes will be made to the Privacy Policy, it will be announced on the website of this service.

8. Contact for inquiries

If you have any inquiries regarding personal information, please send a mail to the address below

Manager in charge of Personal Information
Jingumae Terrace 5F 3-25-15 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo