As the first step of a marketing campaign in Taiwan, a highly effective result was obtained with a low cost.
COSEN Co., Ltd.   |   CEO Mr. Nishigai
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Campaign with paid app, "Wagaya no koneko-chan" ("My Home's Kitten"), in Taiwan

How to start a marketing campaign to overseas? The answer from Mr. Nishigai, of COSEN Co., Ltd., which administers "Wagaya no koneko-chan", was video marketing using a YouTuber.

How was your experience with iCON CAST?

Immediately after the video was published, there was a repercussion in Taiwan, and we managed to increase our sales there. We also had a surge in the number of accesses to our site in Taiwan and from SNSs, so we quickly identified that as the effect of iCON CAST.

We ourselves introduced the video the YouTuber made, and by doing so, not only did we advertise our campaign in Taiwan, but also posted a valid content. As a result, we succeeded in gaining an influx from Facebook and our blog both from Taiwan and Japan.

Summary of this campaign

Campaign objectives

  • Promoting a paid application
  • Marketing to overseas with low cost

Campaign results

  • Download of paid app
  • Content marketing using videos
  • Starting a marketing campaign in Taiwan with 100,000 JPY

Campaign period

  • From October 2015
  • Unlike common publicity campaigns, the video will be permanently stored on YouTube.

About the application we worked on

The story of "Wagaya no koneko-chan" is heart-warming type comedy about the life with a cute kittie. They told us they were thinking about how to gain more popularity among users not only in Japan, but in all Asian countries like Taiwan, and that's when they heard about iCON CAST.
COSEN Co., Ltd.

YouTuber who we had a matching with

The video of this campaign