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Specified Commercial Transaction Act

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Service Compensation

Client payment

  • Commission fee for the consigned project from the Client to the YouTuber via our company:Please refer to the Individual Contract
  • iCON CAST cost for service use:Please refer to the Individual Contract
  • * The price above does not include tax
  • * The above iCON CAST service fee indicates a fee other than the commission fee for the consigned project. The fee is the payment that must be made by the client to our company in order to use the iCON CAST platform and individual support services.
  • * Until the Individual Contract has been concluded the service fee mentioned above will not be charged. The service can be used without charge until then.
  • * Registered YouTubers will not be charged of the service fee.
  • * The above service fee is a limited pricing used during the Beta testing phase. After Beta test has been completed there may be changes made to the service fee.

Payment method

Bank Transfer / PayPal

Payment Deadline

Payment in Advance
*Payment deadline details will be specified in the Individual Contract

Service offer period

The iCON CAST service may be used immediately after registration has been completed

Special contract in relation with cancelling

If the client decides to cancel a project after an Individual Contract has been concluded, the client must pay 50% of the commision fee of the consigned project and a cancellation fee equal to the total amount charged for the service fee. Once the consigned project is uploaded on YouTube it will no longer be able to cancel the project and all payments and fees will not be refunded.

Pausing of the service

There may be a rare case where the system shuts down for an unexpected reason. In that case, it may take a while for the system to recover.

Other conditions

Other special conditions will be specified in the Terms of Use or Individual Contract