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We gathered frequently asked questions and their answers on this page.
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For Clients

How long does it take to find the best matched YouTubers?

If the service or product targets teenagers, it will roughly take about a week to find your match, but other niche business with ambiguous targets may take about 3 weeks.

Can we select a YouTuber from the whole list?

As of now, the iCON CAST operation team will decide your optimal match.

How and when are we to pay for the project?

Payment should be made by bank transfer before the YouTuber starts the video creation.

Can we secondary use the video? Ex.) for our company website, campaign page, or storefront displays

Secondary use of the created videos will only be allowed if the video owner gives permission to do so. We make sure to have these conditions clear but will be flexible if secondary use of videos is requested in advance during the contract signing phase.

We are worried if users think we are running an undercover marketing campaigns.

iCON CAST suggests the addition of the sponsored company name in the video description. However if the client wants a closed campaign where company and product name must be kept hidden to public, please refrain from adding the decription and discuss with us for instructions.

Do we have opportunities to check the video before opening into public?

Created videos will be checked by the client before release. The service or product name, URL and descriptions will be double checked and if no problem is detected the video will be uploaded.