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We gathered frequently asked questions and their answers on this page.
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For YouTubers

Is iCON CAST a MCN (Multi Channel Network) ?

iCON CAST is NOT a MCN. We do NOT manage YouTube channels, but specialized for matching YouTubers and clients. Therefore, you can use iCON CAST service even if you are registered to an MCN. Of course, you can earn 100% of the advertising revenue from the YouTube partnership program as usual.

I've never worked with a company, but can I join iCON CAST?

Clearly promoting service and product name is a minimum requirement, however it is also important to keep your own way and ideas when creating videos. We acknowledge that each YouTuber has their own unique identity and we appreciate this fact. If you find any problem while creating a video please feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to help you out with your first project!

When and How am I going to be paid for a project?

After video upload, we will send you the reward via PayPal by the deadline. Normally it will be at the end of the next month of upload.

How will I get materials or product sample to produce a video for a client?

Information that can be sent by the Web should be attached within the message service of iCON CAST. If items such as product samples are needed, it will be sent by our company via mail.

Does a project affect my usual videos?

We are sure that basically a project does NOT affect your video creation life. One thing, if you were planning to introduce a competing product around the same time, please inform us beforehand.

Should I display a "Sponcored" or "PR" on the video or on the description?

We determine if we need "Sponcored" or "PR" displayed on the video or the description by each project with the client and the YouTuber. However, we recommend to put those wording to show transparency to the viewers.

Should I register or purchase some items in app or service on producing a introduction video of a client's service or app?

For sections where fees are not charged, free registration may be asked to be done. However, we will make sure to not allow the burden of expenses by YouTubers when fees will be charged.