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Collaboration with a company with your own style
You can choose a collaborative work of your liking and make a video with your own style. And as for the troublesome things that occur in the talks with the company, please leave that to iCON CAST.
A new encounter through a collaboration between YouTubers
It is possible for YouTubers to make collaborative works through iCON CAST. You can encounter YouTubers that you like, YouTubers you admire, fresh projects and new fans.


A more productive video production through through the collaboration with a company

With the collaboration with a company, you can stabilize your revenue and create an environment that will make your fans even happier! Naturally, the advertising revenue from your channel is entirely yours.


Working freely without charges

As iCON CAST is operated with the revenue from the companies, YouTubers can use it for free. There is no need to undertake collaborations unless you really want to. It is possible to accept only collaborations that you want in the moment you want.


Your channel is yours.

We are not a MCN (Multi-Channel Network) or office. So we never take any part of the advertising revenue of YouTubers. Also, you can use iCON CAST even if you are affiliated to a MCN.


YouTuber & Client

How was your experience
of using iCON CAST?
Since its release, iCON CAST has been responsible to a great number of matchings between YouTubers and companies. Here are some interviews of both YouTubers and companies who actually used our services.
What the YouTubers say

Mr. Eijun

At iCON CAST, I was assigned to works such as LINEPay. In my opinion, it's a service with a huge potential, despite its still small number of requests! iCON CAST's posture of "valuing the creators" is extremely gratifying for creators like myself :)

Ms. 28 (Futaba) Channeru

I learned a lot about video making, thinking like, "What can I do to show off the positive aspects of this game?", "What can I do to attract more players to this game?" It was a great experience, which also helped me increase my skill.

Studio Lunch Box

Not only is the system easy to use, but I also felt much importance is given to the communication between people. Thanks to iCON CAST, who took care of detailed adjustments between the company and us, the work progressed very smoothly.

What the companies say


The system through which YouTubers can independently apply to the advertised works is fantastic. Instead of requesting a video production unilaterally, we actually felt, not only in numbers, that viewers who actually liked the video played it and shared it. In the following week after our first video request, we were already requesting the second :)


We were looking for someone who could produce a service explanation video to be featured in our official page. The image we had about YouTubers was that they produced videos for young audiences, but at iCON CAST we managed to meet a YouTuber who makes surprisingly high quality videos, which was extremely satisfying. We have already decided to request another video production for a different service.